Transaction Advisory


Warrants / Options structuring
Cap table structuring

Acquisitions / Hive-off

Domestic / cross border acquisitions
Globalization of startups
Holding / subsidiaries abroad

Investor exits

Distributing surplus upon exit event
Liquidation or Capital reduction involving distribution of surplus (to and/ or from India)

Other cases

Founder severance
Employee equity compensation
Group consolidation and value creation
Business model advisory

Deals / Transactions

  • 1
    Structuring transaction

    Critical piece as lays down foundation - involves FEMA, taxes, Regulatory, Cross border, etc

  • 2
    Term Sheet / MOU

    Laying the entire Framework of deal - Cap table issues, regulatory challenges, etc come up here

  • 3
    Due Diligence

    High level issues help discover what is in offing

  • 4
    Definitive documentation

    Running the deal with all parties aligned on definitives is critical

  • 5
    Closing assistance

    Regulatory (FEMA / Company law) filings and other closing have new set of issues considering evolving regulatory

  • 6

    Last and most critical part - including Bankers co-ordination

Inversions - Structure implementation

  • Destination / Jurisdiction advisory 
  • Transaction Structure – Options to restructure which are tax optimal and regulatory compliant and meets specific business & other commercial considerations
  • Transfer pricing issues during operations
  • Issues related to cap table, post structuring, alongwith preserving investor rights
  • Instruments – Ordinary stocks, Preferred stocks, convertible note
  • IPR – Intellectual property to be assigned along with transfer pricing issues
  • ESOP – Employee Stock options & related filings


  • RBI Valuation (FDI & ODI)
  • Income tax valuation (ESOP tax, Gift tax)
  • Valuation of Intellectual Property rights
  • fairness Opinion in M&A transactions
  • IFRS valuation