Fund Administration & Diligence

Fund Setup & Administration - LP Management

Administration - LP Management

  • LP On boarding – KYC, local regulators requirement
  • Co-ordinating for Subscription Agreement with LPs
  • Capital call follow ups, monitoring and reporting receipts
  • LP relationship Management like share certificate, Financials, Bank KYC support etc.
  • LP-wise statement – capital deployed / expenses / setup. Gross and estimated Net IRR (considering fees)
  • Investor Update (containing IRR) to be sent to all LP regarding the performance of Portfolio Companies.
  • Distribution calculations including waterfall Analysis and distribution Notices
  • Assistance in DD for onboarding any New Institutional LP
  • Point of contact for Investors queries

Setting Up

  • Jurisdiction analysis
  • Conceptualization / Structuring
  • Assistance in setting up with Partners
  • Licensing for operations

Fund Setup & Administration - Fund Management

Administration - Fund Management

  • Monthly Maintenance of Books of Accounts
  • Co-ordination with the Local Administrator
  • Monthly MIS for submission to GP of the Fund
  • Repository of all regulatory compliance documents and KYC documents related to the Fund
  • Payments to various vendors working for fund
  • Assisting in the Auditing of Financial Statements
  • Assisting in filing of the necessary Tax returns in Local Jurisdiction / India
  • Assisting with preparation and maintenance of Secretarial records
  • Valuations of Portfolio Companies, as required by the Fund Managers
  • Sharing of Information with the Portfolio Company, basis their request like KYC, Financials etc.

Fund Setup & Administration - Portfolio Management

  • 1
    Governance, Risk & Compliance

    Monitoring the activities of the Board - Attend Board meetings as an observer, wherever required, Compliance review of portfolio company

  • 2
    MIS / KPIs tracking

    Collating &/or Reviewing MIS of Portfolio Cos, Validation of Operational KPIs

  • 3
    Ownership monitoring & Rights protection

    Cap Table Management, Running Secretarial Desk, Assisting in organizing all deal related documents like SHA/SSA/Share Certificates (even where fund not investing), Tracking of relevant CP/CS related to the deal